Designed for mature dry skin, it's a moisturiser like no other containing 100% active ingredients with no emulsifiers, preservatives or water. This is a rich, hydrating blend of Aloe Vera combined with the world's most exquisite, completely unrefined, hand-selected, anti-ageing oils including Rosehip, Argan, Raspberry Seed, Shea and Jojoba. Naturally rich in Vitamins C and A to restore soft, glowing, hydrated skin. Use morning and night.

Better than a standard moisturiser

When it comes to reducing wrinkles look no further than how much collagen you are producing. Aloe Vera Gel activates fibroblast cell growth factor and stimulates the activity and proliferation of these cells, which dramatically improves your collagen production as well as improving the elastin matrix. This results in real-world improvements to suppleness, fine and deep lines, and the ability of the skin to spring back after activities such as smiling or squinting, over time this means far less new lines and a visible reduction in existing lines.

Ingredients: Pure Aloe Vera Gel (100% organic aloe barbadensis), Rose Hip Seed Oil (organic virgin eglantaria cold pressed), Argan Oil (organic virgin
argania cold pressed), Jojoba Oil (organic virgin simmondsia chinensis cold pressed), Raspberry Seed Oil (organic virgin rubus idaeus cold pressed),
Avocado Oil (organic virgin persea americana cold pressed), Shea Butter (organic virgin vitellaria paradoxa cold pressed), Vitamin E (100% active natural d-alpha-tocopherol), Cetyl Stearyl Fatty Alcohol (natural plant),
Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate), Pure Essential Oils.

Some interesting facts about oils

Not all oils are equal, some are rich in Vitamin C such as Rosehip Seed Oil, while others such as Almond contain high levels of Vitamin E. In addition, the colour of the oils is a representation of the types of plant antioxidants present. Interestingly, most cosmetic companies use purely refined (non-virgin) oils, whether synthetic from petroleum (mineral oil), or plant oils such as refined almond oil. They do this to remove the smell and increase the consistency and regularity of their ingredients.

Unlike these other skincare manufacturers, Platin 48 Paris uses purely 100% unrefined virgin oils, some of these oil types can vary significantly in quality and smell, for example, Rosehip can smell smokey or burnt from one supplier, yet from another supplier can smell sweet and earthy, depending on how the oil was harvested and processed as well as the variety grown. Platin 48 Paris goes to great lengths to select the superior oil, we source directly from farms and suppliers who send us the samples of their new harvest, we then test for quality, colour, smell, rancidity (peroxide indicator) levels and purity. Once the oil passes our vigorous testing process we select the oil and order a bulk amount for use in our world-class products.

Variety is the key

Finally, we use not one or two oils, but seven in our perfusion. The skin will select which vitamins and antioxidants it needs from each oil at different times in its replacement cycle. Having a large variety of oils and nutrients is the absolute key to providing the skin with everything it needs to rejuvenate. 


Apply every night before bed. Oily T-Zone requires only a small serve of product, whereas those with dry skin will use a larger serve. The Aloe Vera will absorb within minutes and the plant-based oils will soak in all night to keep you hydrated, leaving you fresh and supple for the morning. For day use we recommend applying our firming hydrating "serum anti-age" or "essentiel" where natural sun protection is required. Dry Skin types are welcome to re-apply Perfusion anti-âge in the morning also.

Perfusion Anti Age 126ml

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